Can you make bitcoins yourself?

Bitcoins can make you own (or better earn), this process is called mining. Anyone who wants to make Bitcoins himself can do that by means of Bitcoin mining, but the time you could do with limited resources is over. The mining of bitcoins has now come to such a high level of professionalism that it costs a lot of money to reduce profitable bitcoins. Do you just want to do it because it can, or do you want to know more about it? Read more.



– I’d say: First, read the article ” where come bitcoins come from ” to get an idea what bitcoin mining is and how it works globally.

Which hardware are you going to use?

As you can read more in the article above, bitcoin mining has gone through a lot of evolution in recent years. Initially, the mining with your computer was still good, but it was soon necessary to use multiple video cards to keep profitable. Now there is special mining hardware on the market ( the so-called ASICS ) for mining bitcoins. If you still have a chance to earn a bit of Bitcoins mining, you will need to invest or invest in 1 or more ASICS.

Individual mines or in a pool

The mining of bitcoins can be done in several ways, below we have listed the most common methods.
1. Individual Min
This is the “traditional” way of bitcoins mines, you set up your own computer or mining hardware to solve the calculus and get the 25 bitcoins. Originally, the mining was good at your processor, but today you need multiple graphics cards (GPUs) or specialized mining hardware (ASICS), which are better able than your processor to perform a lot of calculations. Keep in mind that, in order to earn a chance to earn bitcoins, you need to put a lot of computing power into account. This is, of course, a continuous race and people who have set up complete computer centers (a so-called mining rig) at home or have more ASICS are no exception.

2: Participate in a so-called “mining pool”.
If you are not willing to invest in hardware yourself, this is the best way to earn bitcoins. Simply put, a mining pool is a large group of users who are mining all the bitcoins. The computing power of all users is merged and thus they try to solve the calculus as quickly as possible and earn the 25 bit coins. Of course, these 25 bit coins will be re-distributed among all participants, and part of the proceeds will also go to the owner of the mining pool. Just like individual bitcoins mines, you can do this with one or more GPUs. Or ASICS

The above example does not cover all bitcoin pools, there is a wide variety in the bitcoin pools and how the paid bitcoins are paid out. If you want to know more about it then you can read more about it in the bitcoin wiki.

So what do you need for mining bitcoins?

1 – Hardware
In theory, you already have enough of a PC with an internet connection to start, but minuses through your processor are outdated. It is, therefore, necessary to have at least 1 and preferably multiple good Graphics Cards (GPUs) or special mining hardware such as an ASIC. Look in the Bitcoin wiki for a good summary of available hardware to minus.

2 – Software
If you go to mining via your computer, there are several software clients available. To minimize your GPU, the gui miner is the easiest way to get started. The windows version can be downloaded here at github . Look at for more information about the gui miner.

3 – (optional) An account at a mining pool
If you want to get started through a mining pool, you will need to create an account at one of these pools so that you can let the guitar player with this account minimize data. Look at the mining pool wiki for a list of the well-known bitcoin mining pools. The guild miner has predetermined a number of standard mining pools such as deepbit.

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